CCTV Systems and Security Cameras in Toronto

In the city of Toronto there are government organizations that are considering new installations of video surveillance technology with increasing the number of them for purposes of general law enforcement and other public safety programs, citizen protection, and visitor or traveler protection and more. Today there are quite a few surveillance system all over monitoring toronto  You can see these CCTV’s a very few spots around the city that are not under some kind of surveillance.

These security systems in Toronto belong to the city, police, TTC, or most private business owners. They have been in use since 2007. It is also known that the police do take certain safety measures to protect the privacy of local citizens and visitors who pass by them. Most of the security systems are not watched live. After seventy-two hours the film is then overwritten. There are thousands of CCTV’s placed in automobiles and public transportation services around Toronto to help watch passengers, investigate safety concerns, and to provide evidence if a crime happens on TTC property.

CCTV camera in an urban location\

Over two-thousand CCTV’s have been placed in train stations. There are four security cameras that have been placed each on Toronto’s 1,857 buses. About 200 streetcars have four each. The city also has express policies for the cameras use in public places. Toronto does not live watch public transports only certain train platforms for best control measures of the crowds. These security systems remain in place for safety and crime reasons. There are quite a few shops, malls, main office buildings, and other private owned business properties in the city that have surveillance located both on inside and outside their business premises.

One business is known for spending about $3.4 million in upgrading its CCTV system. CCTV systems can be found located in and around the center of the city all the way to Dundas Square. Toronto has a policy that states business organizations that records people in public with video surveillance must have vivid signs letting those people know that they are being filmed and why they are being filmed and how they can go about requesting a print of film This policy is part of the PIPEDA guidelines. Toronto has millions of visitors each year who come to tour this city and they come from all across the world.
Residents of Toronto communities are quite convinced that these video security is put in place only to protect property and they really end up lowering safety of local citizens who work, live, and commute there. There are some residents who believe you do not have any rights in a public areas and nothing can prevent you from being filmed by a camera or even those carrying a cellphone. Still there are those who think these security systems prevent crime by scaring criminals away that know the CCTV’s are in place. Some police certainly agree, at least some do, while others do not believe they are a crime prevention measure at all. The CCTV’s still remain place and in fact have caught criminals in act of committing crimes.

Things That Make Your Managed Services Provider a Expert

Factors that will make your MSP a superhero

Technology is an important aspect of our current living. We cannot escape it. Businesses have not been left behind. However, incorporating technology into business operations can be a tricky affair. Technology is evolving, and many businesses cannot keep up. Small businesses will rely on the best IT support Edmonton who may not have the expertise to deal with the wide and ranging issues. He may well inform on the technical issues but may not have the time and expertise to address the issues. Very few large businesses have the capacity to keep up with the changes.

Managed Services Provider

A managed service provider comes in handy. He/she is tasked with the responsibility of providing and handling all IT related issues.

The roles of MSPs

MSPS provide a wide range of services in the area of technology. They create IT solutions and offer solutions that facilitate the smooth running of the daily business.
A managed service provider is an IT expert who offers IT-related tasks depending on the needs of the organization. It may be software installation, data virtualizing and other duties. They take care of the IT systems enabling you to focus on other aspects of the business

Selecting the best MSP

MSPs are unsung heroes. They work behind the scenes, yet their efforts may not be openly acknowledged. If you wish to achieve optimum results, selecting a competent managed service provider is the first step. The ability to demonstrate consistency and competency is a trait the MSP must possess.
Here are some criteria to consider when choosing an MSP:

Consistent global service

The MSP should have the capability to provide services on a global scale. It includes managing IT systems in multiple states or countries. In addition, the ability to manage IT implementation and supporting local language for foreign subsidiaries is an added advantage. With an MSP offering global services, a business can easily expand globally.

Offer a wide range of services

Technology is continuously evolving. The IT needs of a business change each passing day. A competent MSP will provide services that will respond to the changes. It could be updating security patches, software, firewall protection and new compliance measures. However, such services should be offered devoid of additional costs.

Skills and experience

How would you identify a skilled and experienced MSP? Their knowledge should go beyond the basic skills such as installing software, upgrades, and maintenance. Businesses have various needs that call for expertise. Some of the advanced IT functions include:

  •  Security
  • Virtualization
  • Cross-platform integration
  • Cloud technology

Reputation and financial stability

The longevity of the managed service provider is not a guaranteed by how long they have been in the market. Before hiring an MSP, conduct extensive research on the financial reports and statements. Also, ask for customer references and testimonials as a way of determining their credibility and reputation.


Choosing the right MSP will impact on the success and performance of the business. The MSPs are the superheroes of our business. An MSP will make or break your business. Choose wisely!

Benefits Of Using Manage Service Provider

It provides security

With MSP you are able to protect your data from unauthorized people. It is more secure than a standard enterprise IT service. The infrastructure is always under 24/7 monitoring with government approval security procedures.


The ITAD services are of high quality. This is because when you choose manage service provider you have gain the staff specialized skills. The manage service provider are specialized and have been working for the longest time giving them skills which will interestingly make you happy. Something you should also know about the managed services edmonton is the fact that they have 24/7 desk support.



It manages network where it centralizes all your application and servers with managed data centers, this increases quality and performance of the staff. I also helps in the access of the virtual services as well as storage and backup infrastructure.

Predictable cost

It has a flat monthly salary. This make it easier for one to budget. It has no uprising prices for work they offer.

Business discontinuity

Businesses have to go through a lot of challenges in its journey of success. Some of this challenges can be data loss which can be very tragic and it can leading to the end of the business so one needs to be assured of their data not being lost. One of the benefits are it provides data backup and recovery which is very suited to your business. The recovery is easy and quick, and people get back to business lie nothing happened.

Getting close to your customer

You may think getting detached to the customers is good riddance. But the fact is a customer normally trust something that is rigid or at least gives them the benefit of doubt. Manage service provider gives you the benefit of getting closer to you a chance and get an opportunity to solve a problem for him or her.

Staff availability

With Manage service provider you have access to the staff for your day to day maintenance and upkeep of your network. Also look at it this way, no need to adjust your staff work because one of them has to be put aside to deal with the technical problem. You can all go on with your work and call them to deal with maintenance and monitoring.

Access to knowledge

When you work with manage service provider, it becomes the beginning of learning a lot. You are able to consult them and ask for advice which they are very ready and prepared to offer. They can offer you strategy suitable to your business so as to maximize your profits.

A full comprehensive report

For future and proof purpose it is wise to have an insight on the activities on your network in terms of how the financial resources were used. This way you are able to resolve issues that are existing or arising. Managed service provider offer in depth report, it normally entails error messaging, problem remediation and user activity. They can offer it once a year or twice a year.

RJ Systems Voted As The Best IT Company In Philadelphia

RJ Systems have been voted as the best IT companies philadelphia. This is according to a report released by one of the research companies in Canada. For a long time, clients have been having different opinions about the best IT Company in Philadelphia until recently when an official report was released.


According to the report, RJ Systems received overwhelming number of votes from different clients all over Philadelphia as compared to other IT companies. Many people expressed their satisfaction about the high quality service they receive from the company, a factor which largely contributed to its number 1 position at 85%.

Clients who were interviewed also said that RJ Systems has good customer service. They promptly attend to the needs of customers when contacted any time. They answer any questions or querries asked to ensure that the client is satisfied. They also give advice on various IT issues including how to maintain IT systems.

Another reason why it was voted the best is because it has excellent IT professionals. These individuals have many years of experience in providing high quality IT services to different clients in Toronto. They understand IT problems that affect many business. They have exceptional ability to provide perfect solutions which enable corporations achieve their objectives.

According to the report, RJ System stands out from other IT Philadelphia companies. The company focuses on business outcome first when providing IT services. It understands that all business exist to achieve certain goals. This can easily be achieved by having an effective and efficient IT system in place. For this reason, the firm usually discusses with the corporation to understand its specific needs as well as its objectives. This makes it possible to come up with solutions that positively contribute towards attaining the set goals.

Furthermore, RJ System gives clients number 1 priority. The company understands that it exists to serve clients and therefore giving them the first priority is the only way it can excellently satisfy their IT needs. This is why it responds to their problems quickly and in the best way possible.

Moreover, clients also commented that unlike other IT Philadelphia companies, RJ System offers affordable services. The firm charges competitive prices which make it compete favourably in IT business. Clients who would like to get IT services but do not have enough money to do so always choose RJ Systems.

Besides, this number 1 company is certified. This implies that it meets legal requirements and its services are of high quality. It is therefore reliable. Clients who choose it for IT services can be confident that they have made the right choices.

Satisfaction is guranteed.

It was also noted that the company has been in existence for many years helping business meet their needs by providing superb IT services. This has seen many businesses in Philadelphia expand significantly. No wonder it was voted the best.

The release of this report will make other Philadelphia IT companies strive hard to improve the quality of their service and check on areas of weakness so that they can also emerge as the best.

Architectural Firm Reveals Its New Architecture Marketing Strategies

A famous architectural firm has revealed its new architecture marketing strategies that will enable it improve its business. This initiative comes after a number of challenges that have been witnessed in the recent past thus prompting the need to come up with new strategies. This will enable the company to compete favourably in the architecture business by providing the best service to clients.

The new architecture marketing strategies will involve advertising the buying state of the art tools and equipments to boost service delivery. According to the firm’s CEO, it is virtually impossible to provide high quality service to customers in this modern world without investing in modern equipments. He made it clear that the only way to ensure that they fully satisfy the architectural needs of their clients is by buying new equipments designed with the latest technology. They will also help to improve efficiency of work.


The CEO added that competition has really intensified in the architectural business. Therefore, in order for the firm to continue attracting clients and maintain the existing ones, there was need to reduce the costs of architectural services while ensuring that their quality is maintained. The firm has therefore sliced off some of its charges in design and implementation of architectural projects. Its services are now affordable. This impressive initiative will enable it win many clients. It shall be published in newsletters and newspapers.

Many architectural projects take a long duration of time. This has been the big issue between clients and architects. For this reason, the firm has embarked on finding ways of ensuring that it delivers work quickly within the required time frame. According to the company executive, this shall be achieved by employing more personnel and teaching them on how to use the latest tools and equipments.

It was also revealed that the firm will consider the interest of its clients before coming up with the design of homes and other structures. This will enable its architects to come up with designs that match the interest of clients. The size, shape and all other features shall be incorporated as per the customer’s wish.

To add on, it was stated that the company will make an effort to improve its web ranking. This will involve writing SEO optimized content so that it can be returned in the top rank when searched by site users. In addition, the site will feature a lot of promotional information to facilitate architecture marketing. This will create awareness about the services that the firm provides to site clients and site visitors. The objective of this initiative is to convert site visitors into clients while also retaining the existing ones. The website design will be enhanced so that it can look more professional.

The firm will also analyse architecture marketing strategies of other firms so that it can develop unique strategies that will make it stand out from its competitors. Such strategies will help it to promote brand awareness hence improving business.

It is expected that the new marketing strategies will enable the company promote itself to the wider market. Clients are eagerly waiting to benefit from the service.

IT Industry have Come to Offer Data Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

This is the process of salvaging data that may have been lost or corrupted. It has become an essential thing in the IT industry and most companies have come to offer data recovery as a service (DRaaS). For enterprises and large companies, data is important to them and since the storage of data has revolutionized to cloud computing, then data recovery as a service has become a necessary element in the IT sector.

Data recovery calgary as a service sees that data is stored or backed up in a place physically or through a virtual network such that if the data on site is interfered with, then the one stored off site will be available. Disaster recovery as a service providers come in as a third party to store data for enterprises and make it available for them in case they need it.


It has numerous advantages which include:

1. Data is securely backed up as it is not on the site hence factors that may affect and cause data loss on site will not by any chance affect the backed up data.

2. Since cloud computing is being used, then backing up data becomes easy as the data will remain constantly updated if there is a network that links the company’s systems with the cloud.

3. Cloud computing also gives the advantage that one can access the updated and backed up data from anywhere in case they are nowhere close to the physical site that the original data had been stored. All one needs is a device that can access the cloud.

4. Data recovery as a service helps reduce an enterprise’s need to have sophisticated software and hardware to store, access and backup data. All a company needs is a device with specifications that are needed to access the network and that’s it.

5. Updating a DRaaS system is simple and cost effective. Updating it requires just the service provider to update the software at his end and that should be it. All systems get updated.

6. Patching the system is also done at the servers end and applies to all systems. Repairing the system hardware system, which is in most cases, installed by the service provider to support the software requirements, also becomes cost effective for an enterprise as most data recovery service providers do not require any repair fee as it is already catered for when one installs the system.

The only problem facing disaster recovery as a service systems is that most enterprises may not trust the service providers with the security of their data. This opens up to a whole issue on data security which is essential for enterprises as the data they hold is very sensitive. The security of the data will wholly depend on the security infrastructure set up by the service provider which should always be superior and updated considering cloud computing relies on computer networks that can be hacked into.

Data recovery being offered as a service is the next stepping stone in the IT industry and is a promising sector in which investors are putting their focus on.

Vehicle Fleet Management: The Fundamentals Of Managing Fleet

vehicle fleet management

A vehicle fleet management is the process of making a transportation entity to be more efficient with its primary task.  The task may involve the transport or movement of goods, passengers ohir equipment, from one location to another.

An effective vehicle fleet management goal is to gain maximum output with very minimal overall cost.  It is like transporting more people with less fuel.

Overall, an administration of a vehicle fleet is very much dependent on the organization’s policies.  They are, in a way, restrictive on what particular vehicle to be used by whom, to where.  To point it out simply, there are vehicles that can only be used for specific projects, while other vehicles can be used for any project, some vehicles have assigned drivers – it does not leave the area without its designated driver, while others can be self-driven.

To have an effective fleet management, factors surrounding the project need to be identified first.  This includes knowing the overall nature of a project.  One that is in an urban setting will mostly require saloon cars while a remote area of operation may need a large four-wheel-drive SUVs because of the rugged terrain.

Some criteria for vehicle procurement are:

  • Donor criteria;

  • Uniformity of the vehicles;

  • The proper vehicle for the fuel availability;

  • The purpose of the vehicle;

  • The terrain where the vehicle will operate;

  • Acquisition cost;

  • Availability from local suppliers;

  • Parts availability;

  • Warranties;

  • Availability of highly trained local mechanics.

The location of the vehicle management facility also needs to be well planned, for logistical function, which is guided by:

  • Cost efficiency;

  • The safety of the staff going to and from the location;

  • Safety on the roads to and from the location;

  • Vehicle’s overall safety and security.

Record keeping is very important for a vehicle fleet management hence:

  • Each vehicle has a record book;

  • Record books are checked on a weekly basis;

  • Every vehicle is logged out and signed for on every trip;

  • Fuel is purchased or distributed from a central location, if there is a designated petrol station complete, an official receipt is needed for record purposes;

  • Vehicle keys are endorsed at the end of the day;

  • Drivers adhere to the carrying capacity as provided by the traffic law;

  • Unauthorized use of vehicles is strictly prohibited.

Fleet management systems

Vehicle fleet management software may be needed in order to maximize the vehicle resources at hand.  A fleet management system can record just about anything in a vehicle and can provide an in-depth report if needed, which may include:

  • Travelled distances

  • Reached destinations

  • Official and private mileage

  • Fuel consumption

  • The vehicle’s repair and maintenance record

  • Planned and completed servicing

Reports are available on a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly basis depends on the requirement of the organization.  These reports can contain the following information:

  • Refuelling summary by vehicle and average fuel consumption can be shown

  • Mileage summary per vehicle

  • Repairs and  maintenance

  • Accidents, if any

The system is designed to monitor every vehicle in its database or record.  And if there are more vehicles to manage, things can get a little messy.  And that is where a fleet management system comes in.