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IT Industry have Come to Offer Data Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

This is the process of salvaging data that may have been lost or corrupted. It has become an essential thing in the IT industry and most companies have come to offer data recovery as a service (DRaaS). For enterprises and large companies, data is important to them and since the storage of data has revolutionized to cloud computing, then data recovery as a service has become a necessary element in the IT sector.

Data recovery calgary as a service sees that data is stored or backed up in a place physically or through a virtual network such that if the data on site is interfered with, then the one stored off site will be available. Disaster recovery as a service providers come in as a third party to store data for enterprises and make it available for them in case they need it.


It has numerous advantages which include:

1. Data is securely backed up as it is not on the site hence factors that may affect and cause data loss on site will not by any chance affect the backed up data.

2. Since cloud computing is being used, then backing up data becomes easy as the data will remain constantly updated if there is a network that links the company’s systems with the cloud.

3. Cloud computing also gives the advantage that one can access the updated and backed up data from anywhere in case they are nowhere close to the physical site that the original data had been stored. All one needs is a device that can access the cloud.

4. Data recovery as a service helps reduce an enterprise’s need to have sophisticated software and hardware to store, access and backup data. All a company needs is a device with specifications that are needed to access the network and that’s it.

5. Updating a DRaaS system is simple and cost effective. Updating it requires just the service provider to update the software at his end and that should be it. All systems get updated.

6. Patching the system is also done at the servers end and applies to all systems. Repairing the system hardware system, which is in most cases, installed by the service provider to support the software requirements, also becomes cost effective for an enterprise as most data recovery service providers do not require any repair fee as it is already catered for when one installs the system.

The only problem facing disaster recovery as a service systems is that most enterprises may not trust the service providers with the security of their data. This opens up to a whole issue on data security which is essential for enterprises as the data they hold is very sensitive. The security of the data will wholly depend on the security infrastructure set up by the service provider which should always be superior and updated considering cloud computing relies on computer networks that can be hacked into.

Data recovery being offered as a service is the next stepping stone in the IT industry and is a promising sector in which investors are putting their focus on.